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ThermoPlus® helps animals improve their comfort in hot weather conditions. It promotes the dissipation of heat through the skin thus facilitating ingestion and digestion. Body temperature is lowered, production is maintained and the animals are visibly calmer and less out of breath

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There are two versions of ThermoPlus for ruminants. A concentrated version intended for incorporation into concentrates or premixes and a version intended for use directly in the complete ration.


Product to be incorporated in the feed

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Delta® ThermoPlus®

Product to be incorporated in the mixed ration

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Our advice

Find out here what the impacts of heat stress are on ruminants and what practical preventive measures you can put in place on your farm to reduce its consequences. 

Animal husbandry management

Managing your cow herd well to cope with the heat peaks in the summer is of utmost importance. Discover all our advice to fight against heat stress in ruminants.

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Thermo products : thermoplus and delta thermo plus

Thermo® products for ruminants

Thermo® products to ensure your pets’ thermal comfort can help. Discover all our advice to combat heat stress in ruminants.

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Evaluation of the THI

The evaluation of the THI indicator is essential to calculate the heat stress in your farm. Discover all our advice to fight against heat stress in ruminants.

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Ruminant feeding

Adapting the diet of your ruminants is a key factor in avoiding heat stress as much as possible during the summer season. Discover all our advice to fight against heat stress in ruminants.

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September 22, 2023
Congrès EAAP 2023 Lyon

Thermo® products honoured at the EAAP Congress

The Scientific Community of the CCPA Group was present in force at the EAAP 2023 congress! Thermo® products were the subjects of two publications in ruminants and swine.

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August 22, 2023
Vague de chaleur canicule hémisphère Nord

Heat waves sweep across Northern Hemisphere

The last July, the thermometer has reached unprecedent level in Europe, the United States and parts of Asia. What about the impact on livestock’s health and performance?

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July 13, 2023
Roadshow Thermo estres termico Sudafrica

A successful Thermo® roadshow in South Africa

Taking advantage of winter to prepare the coming summer season in South Africa, CCPA Group promoted the Thermo® range along with its distributor, Biofarm, to numerous actors of the livestock industry across the country.

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June 13, 2023
breeder dairy cows

Heat stress: What do breeders think about it?

A survey of representative dairy farmers (66% in conventional, 34% in the mark of quality sector, 27kg of milk per day on average) spread throughout France (Agrinova 2022) made it possible to identify expectations and developments for the next 5 years.

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Your testimonies

  • SCEA Hamon Hamel

    Dairy farmer - Côtes d'Armor

    It was while reading the Paysan Breton that the farmers discovered Thermo®Plus, the solution for ruminants against heat stress. They had been looking for some time for a solution to support their animals in order to reduce the impact of high heat on their herd of dairy cows (drop in milk, drop in ingestion, etc.). The purchase of fans was excluded as they were more expensive in terms of investment.

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  • Élevage de ruminants

    GAEC du Soleil

    Breeding of Charolais suckler cows and meat poultry

    “In 2017, we decided to use Delta® ThermoPlus on our finishing batches. We see nothing but good things in Delta® ThermoPlus! There are no refusals, the ingestion is regular, the animals are lying down, calm and the performance, even if we don’t have an accurate measurement, is much better! We use the ThermoTool application to manage the distribution of the product and it is a very good indicator!”

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  • Joseph Touchais

    Dairy cow breeder in Ille-et-Vilaine

    “The cows suffered from the heat: they ate less and decreased production. I used Delta® ThermoPlus all summer and the difference is remarkable: the cows are eating better and especially from a behavioral and health point of view, it’s much better than previous summers!”

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