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ThermoPlus® helps animals improve their comfort in hot weather conditions. It promotes the dissipation of heat through the skin thus facilitating ingestion and digestion. Body temperature is lowered, production is maintained and the animals are visibly calmer and less out of breath

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There are two versions of ThermoPlus for ruminants. A concentrated version intended for incorporation into concentrates or premixes and a version intended for use directly in the complete ration.


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Delta® ThermoPlus®

Product to be incorporated in the mixed ration

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Find out here what the impacts of heat stress are on ruminants and what practical preventive measures you can put in place on your farm to reduce its consequences. 

Thermo products : thermoplus and delta thermo plus

Thermo® products for ruminants

Thermo® products to ensure your pets’ thermal comfort can help. Discover all our advice to combat heat stress in ruminants.

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Evaluation of the THI

The evaluation of the THI indicator is essential to calculate the heat stress in your farm. Discover all our advice to fight against heat stress in ruminants.

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Animal husbandry management

Managing your cow herd well to cope with the heat peaks in the summer is of utmost importance. Discover all our advice to fight against heat stress in ruminants.

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Ruminant feeding

Adapting the diet of your ruminants is a key factor in avoiding heat stress as much as possible during the summer season. Discover all our advice to fight against heat stress in ruminants.

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February 23, 2024
Herd of young ruminants calves outside in a field with lots of sunshine

Heat stress has a major impact on young ruminants

The effects of heat stress on adult ruminants are now well known. More and more scientific research is now focusing on the impact of heat stress on young ruminants, and in particular on replacement dairy heifers.

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January 22, 2024
Ola de calor en el verano de 2023 en París, Francia

Summer 2023 Review: Increasingly Polymorphous Summers

The year 2023 was marked by one of the hottest summers in recent years. Unprecedented record temperatures all over the world. Despite an impression of gloomy weather in some countries such as France, the trend of increasingly hot summer is confirmed. The risk period has increased to 4 to 5 months in temperate climates and 7 to 8 months in subtropical climates. Let’s review in more details.

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December 14, 2023
Vaches laitières Prim Holstein Thermo

A successful trial with ThermoPlus published in the Journal of Dairy Science

CCPA Group conducted a trial with the Volcani Center in Israel to demonstrate the effectiveness of Thermo®Plus on dairy cows. The results were published in the Journal of Dairy Science by Pr. Maya Zachut and her team.

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November 24, 2023
Sol América Latina Estrés térmico

CCPA Group supports the livestock sector in South America around heat stress management

Heat stress is present in most Latin American countries, however this year it has become a priority problem for farmers, due to how hard it has affected the productivity of animals recently.

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  • Herd of goats on a goat farm


    Dairy goat farmer in Tarn

    At Gaec du Baylou (81), global warming is nothing new. Since 2017, the dairy goat farm has adapted to cope with rising temperatures.

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  • SCEA Hamon Hamel

    Dairy farmer - Côtes d'Armor

    It was while reading the Paysan Breton that the farmers discovered Thermo®Plus, the solution for ruminants against heat stress. They had been looking for some time for a solution to support their animals in order to reduce the impact of high heat on their herd of dairy cows (drop in milk, drop in ingestion, etc.). The purchase of fans was excluded as they were more expensive in terms of investment.

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  • Yvon Lebitter ThermoPlus UAB témoignage

    Yvon Lebitter

    Dairy cow farmer in the Massif Central

    Extreme heat: guaranteeing optimum protection for animals in organic farming.

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