Testimony of Yvon Lebitter on ThermoPlus® UAB

Yvon Lebitter ThermoPlus UAB témoignage

Extreme heat: guaranteeing optimum protection for animals in organic farming

Yvon Lebitter is a dairy cow farmer in the Massif Central. Two years ago, his technician
SODIAAL introduced him to the ThermoPlus® UAB product, tailored to the specific requirements of organic farming.

Even though the farm is located at almost 1,000m altitude and the nights are cooler, the farmer still uses the product continuously from mid-June to mid-September. He gives a dose of 100 gr per day per cow, and does so from the first heat. The farmer immediately saw the difference on his herd.

“I use ThermoPlus® primarily for the comfort of my animals. They halter much less, they gather less in the building and come to feed at the trough regularly“.

As far as production is concerned, the farmer points to a major improvement in the quality of his milk.

“I have no loss of milk quality, which I favour over intensifying production“.

ThermoPlus® UAB: tested and approved.

In his relationship with his dairy cooperative, he explains:

“My dairy asks me for regular milk production. So my animals calve all year round. I have no more worries about reproduction and calving in summer. Even at an altitude of 1000 m, we will obviously continue to use ThermoPlus®. “

Breeding presentation

  • <40 Montbeliarde dairy cows
  • Specificity: organic farming at 930m altitude
  • Production target: 6,000L of milk at 40 TB and 32 TP
  • Ration : grass / hay + silage and straw cereals

Are you interested in the Thermo®Plus UAB solution for your dairy cows?