Testimony of GAEC du Soleil

Élevage de ruminants

His testimony

“In our region, animals suffer from heat when the temperature is above 25°. In 2017, we decided to use Delta® ThermoPlus on our finishing batches. One week when it was very hot, my technician made me aware of the well-being of my animals: he asked me if they were sick because he found them extremely calm compared to the neighbours’ bull calves! We can only see positive effects when using Delta® ThermoPlus! There are no feed refusals, feed consumption is regular, the animals are lying down, are calm and even if we don’t have a precise measurement, their performances are much better! One day I wanted to stop the product… big mistake, I started again on the following day! We are also satisfied on the appetence side, too! We use the ThermoTool application to regulate the distribution of the product and it is a very good indicator as it shows results on a temperature/humidity ratio. If the forecasts are orange and/or red I distribute the product and if there are at least 3 days in the green after an orange/red period, I stop it.”

Presentation of the breeding

  • GAEC du Soleil – Bazoges-en-Paillers (Vendée)
  • 3 partners
  • VA Charolais mainly + meat poultry
  • 90 JB fattened per year
  • 260 calvings per year

The rations distributed

  • Silage
  • Corn
  • Hay
  • Cereals
  • Nitrogen corrector