Can I use FeedStim® outside of periods of heat stress?

FeedStim has been shown to improve performance both in and out of periods of stress. It can therefore also be used outside of hot periods.

Are there any Thermo solutions for cold heat stress?

To date, Thermo commercial solutions are dedicated to hot heat stress situations. Please contact CCPA for any other requests.


Can I use ThermoPlus® outside of heat stress periods?

ThermoPlus has an effect on ingestion and digestion. Therefore, ThermoPlus is also of interest outside heat periods. In our trials, we were able to estimate the gain of ThermoPlus outside of heat stress at +0.6 litres of milk per day.

It never gets very hot in my house for very long, how do I distribute ThermoPlus®?

Animals react with a delayed effect. It is estimated that they will take as long to recover as the duration of the heat period. Therefore, it is better to distribute ThermoPlus continuously during the risk period than to distribute and stop the product during each heat episode.

I have put fans in the building. Will ThermoPlus® take action?

Fans are of obvious benefit, although it is clear that it is difficult to properly ventilate all areas of the building. ThermoPlus facilitates sweating, the fans will promote the evaporation of this sweat, which facilitates the removal of heat.

I already distribute 3 to 400g of sodium bicarbonate. Do I need ThermoPlus®?

ThermoPlus already contains sodium bicarbonate, it is a more complete solution. Do not remove it completely: with 100g of ThermoPlus and 100g of bicarbonate, you will have a more technical product for an equivalent price.

Can I distribute yeast in warm periods.

Yeast acts mainly in the rumen. This is a different and complementary mode of action to ThermoPlus.

Should bullocks be sheared?

Shearing (around the spine) helps evaporate sweat and remove heat. It is a simple and inexpensive way to improve animal comfort.


Can I use ThermoControl® outside heat stress periods?

ThermoControl has proven to be effective in improving performance in times of stress but also outside of it. It can therefore also be used outside of hot periods.

I use sodium bicarbonate. Do I need ThermoControl®?

ThermoControl already contains sodium bicarbonate, but it is a more complete solution that acts via different modes of action.