Our expertise

Thermo®, a range designed for the comfort of animals

For years, the CCPA Group has been addressing animal heat comfort by recognizing the importance of climate change and the potential impact of heat stress on animal performance and livestock income.

This is the reason why CCPA Group has developed Thermo: a range of products to fight against heat stress. Thermo is a complete range of solutions to meet the specific needs of each species:

  • High-end nutritional solutions with specific plant active ingredients associated with a patented manufacturing technology.
  • Unique digital solutions, for industrialists and breeders, to anticipate and better manage the impact of hot periods in breeding :
    • Thermo®Tool, the decision-support application for indicating the level of heat stress to ruminant, pig and poultry farmers.
    • Thermo®Plan, a tool used by CCPA teams to refine their advice to customers. This tool uses weather data from the last five years. ThermoPlan allows CCPA experts to visualize the observed THI month by month. And therefore to calculate the number of days per month above the risk threshold. The objective is to better predict the measures to be taken in breeding. To date, 30 countries and more than 500 locations have been listed in the tool at the international level.

To help you to take care of your animals, the CCPA Group makes available on this website the essential information for the use of our products: composition, advice for use and precautions for use. This website also aims to raise the awareness of livestock professionals on the subject of thermal comfort for ruminants, pigs and poultry.