Delta® ThermoPlus®: Observe the thermal comfort of animals naturally

Cows in Brazil ThermoPlus®
Bag of Delta® ThermoPlus®

Why use Delta® ThermoPlus® ?

A recent study in the Netherlands has estimated that three weeks’ exposure to heat stress per annum would cost approximately €270 per cow (Feenstra, 2017). Managing heat stress is therefore a real economic issue for the ruminant sector. Heat stress impacts not only the welfare of livestock but also affects feed consumption and digestive efficiency. Growth performance, livestock health and milk and meat quality are impaired.

How Delta® ThermoPlus® works: mode of action for ruminants

To support ruminants during hot and humid season, CCPA Group has developed Delta ThermoPlus.
Delta ThermoPlus acts on the consequences of heat stress. It strengthens the natural systems involved in evacuating heat, offsets electrolyte and stimulates ingestion. Delta ThermoPlus thus ensures comfort and welfare animal and therefore optimises milk production and growth performance.

Delta® ThermoPlus® for ruminants: supporting evidence

Proven efficacy in dairy cows

Improvement in dairy production (litres of milk)

Proven efficacy dairy cows Delta® ThermoPlus®
Field Test Summary 2013-2020

Proven efficacy in beef cattle

Improvement in growth (ADG in g/d)

Proven efficacy beef cattle Delta® ThermoPlus®
Field Trials Summary 2013-2020

Did you know?

As of 25°C and 60% humidity, cows begin to suffer from significant stress that manifests itself in:

  • A drop in dairy production and less of fat: 2 to 4 L of milk per cow and 2 to 4 g/L less fat content
  • A fall in ingestion: -5 to -30%
  • Signs of acidosis, lameness, mastitis
  • A drop in fertility…

The THI (Temperature Humidity Index) represents an indicator of the temperature and humidity levels. Above 71, performances decrease.

Composition and instructions of Delta® ThermoPlus®

Active ingredients

  • Spices (including chilli and fenugreek)
  • Electrolytes (Na+, K+)
  • Green tea
  • Buffer (bicarbonate)

Usage recommendations

  • Mix ThermoPlus in the Total Mix Ration (TMR).
  • Start 15 days before the assumed periods of high temperatures, then continuously during hot periods.