The THI, the thermal comfort indicator

Temperature Humidity Index (THI) integrates both temperature and humidity. The more humid the climate is, the more the animal’s comfort decreases at the same temperature. Moreover, the increase in heart and respiratory rhythms is often taken as a sign of animal discomfort. It is linked to a decrease in zootechnical performance.


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How to calculate this result?

Select an animal and a location to calculate the THI and see the result.

Each species is different

All animals are not equal. Their physiologies are very different. Ruminants have a rumen and are able to sweat, poultry are protected by feathers and do not sweat, pigs have an insulating layer of fat. It is therefore necessary to define sensitivity thresholds specific to each species and each physiological stage.

Understanding heat stress


12 different types of production integrated in Thermo®Tool

This is why the ThermoTool application asks you to fill in your type of production precisely. Our experts have integrated these differences to propose specific alerts for each type of farming. The production loss curves (milk, egg, growth, etc.) have also been modeled to get as close as possible to the consequences on the loss of technical and economic results.

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