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Numerous scientific resources testify to the innovative work related to thermal comfort for animals.

Engineers, veterinary nutritionists and researchers of CCPA Group have conducted these different studies.

In fact, you will find below various scientific publications such as: articles, posters and product trials.

Because of the content of certain documents is sometimes subject to confidentiality, so downloading them requires identification on your part.

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JRA 2022: scientific publications about heat stress

Heat stress affects the metabolic response and performance of chickens.


Heat stress abstract World Poultry Congress 2022

Offering a combination of plant extracts mitigates the adverse effects of heat stress on broiler behavior.


Curcuma and Scutellaria plant extracts improves laying hen thermal tolerance

Chronic exposure to high ambient temperatures is detrimental to laying hen performance and egg quality.


Association of Curcuma and Scutellaria under heat stress conditions

In high-temperature areas, the occurrence of heat stress (HS) is one of the most important stressors for poultry, causing extensive economic losses, while challenging their health and welfare (1).


Trial Feedstim® poultry plant extracts

Combination of Turmeric and Scutellaria plant extracts improves thermal tolerance of laying hens as well as oxidative stability and egg quality under heat stress conditions.


Feedstim® laying hen trial

Effects of feeding a combination of turmeric and Scutellaria extracts to laying hens reared under high humidity and environmental conditions during the peak production phase.


Consequences of heat stress on health and performance in dairy cows

Dairy cows are most productive inside a range of temperatures referred to as the thermal neutral zone.


Effects of Heat Stress on Monogastrics and Micronutrient Supplementation

The objective of this webinar is to elucidate how heat stress affects the biology of monogastric systems and how this translates into performance losses.


Macronutrient formulation approaches in dairy cows experiencing heat stress

The effects of macronutrient formulation in dairy cows impacted by summer heat stress. Find out more by downloading our scientific article.