JRA 2022: scientific publications about heat stress


Heat stress affects the metabolic response and performance of chickens. Adaptation of nutritional standards is one of the possible ways to promote growth during heat phases in rearing. 960 male JA757 chickens were divided into 4 groups according to the following factorial scheme (2X2): 2 nutritional levels respectively called HD and LD (for High and Low Density in energy and crude protein) from 0 to 49 d x 2 levels of oil (2% vs. 5% soya oil) in the finishing feed (28-49 d). The feed division was in 3 phases: start-up (0-14 d), growth (14-28 d) and finishing (28-49 d).


P. Sakkas, C. Toudic, J. Bentley, N. Hubert, K. Bebin, M. Panheleux

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