Consequences of heat stress on poultry

Consequences of heat stress in poultry

Heat stress has a negative impact on the zootechnical performance of poultry. These decreases in performance are generally accompanied by an alteration in the quality of the finished products.

Thus, metabolic changes associated with heat stress (increased proteolysis, decreased lipolysis) can affect the protein content of meat and increase fat deposition.

Chronic heat stress can reduce consumer acceptability of the product due to pale meat color and reduced water retention capacity (seepage and cooking losses).

Our heat stress solutions for poultry

For layers, heat stress has a negative impact on the quality of the egg, particularly in terms of the Haugh score, yolk color and shell strength. Lipid peroxidation leads to a deterioration in the taste of the egg.

CCPA and Deltavit not only offer solutions dedicated to the impact of heat stress on the well-being and performance of birds, but also natural solutions to improve the quality of finished products.

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Preparing poultry for hot weather

Preparing your poultry for hot weather is essential. Discover all our advice to prepare for the summer season and ensure the thermal comfort of your poultry.

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Impact of high heat on poultry

High temperatures have a considerable impact on your poultry. Keep either heat stress or high temperatures. In general since you sell the concept of THI avoid the word high temperatures.

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Vignette volaille produits Thermo FeedStim et ThermoPoultry

Thermo® solutions for poultry

A combination of electrolytes and selected plant extracts rich in antioxidants and flavonoids, ThermoPoultry acts naturally on several levels for animal welfare and production performance support:

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