A successful trial with ThermoPlus published in the Journal of Dairy Science

December 14, 2023
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CCPA Group conducted a ThermoPlus trial with the Volcani Center in Israel to demonstrate the effectiveness of ThermoPlus on dairy cows. The results were published in the Journal of Dairy Science by Pr. Maya Zachut and her team.

The theme of the ThermoPlus trial is as follows: “Plant polyphenol ectrat supplementation affects performance, welfare and the Nrf2-oxidative stress response in adipose of heat stressed dairy cows”.

Journal of Dairy Science is a renowned scientific publication specialising in dairy research. It provides a platform for the dissemination of innovative studies, in-depth analyses and significant findings related to all aspects of dairy science. As a reference journal, it presents fundamental research articles, reports of experimental studies, and literature reviews, thus contributing to the advancement of knowledge in the dairy sector worldwide.

The reference of the publication in JDS.

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ThermoPlus enhances dairy cows welfare & production

Moreover, the experimental design allowed to assess the benefits of CCPA heat stress solution compared to the cooling and in combination with it. ThermoPlus improves welfare and milk production of dairy cows during heat stress and the mode of action of the product was deeply investigating. It shows that the product induces NrF-2 activation, oxidative stress and inflammation modulation in adipose tissue.

Discover the experimental model to reproduce heat stress effects.

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ThermoPlus, a solution for the thermal comfort of animals

With ThermoPlus, naturally ensure the thermal comfort of ruminants during hot weather. ThermoPlus® acts on the consequences of heat stress. It strengthens the natural systems involved in heat dissipation, offsets electrolyte and stimulates ingestion. The benefits of ThermoPlus for ruminants are numerous:

  • Stimulates appetite
  • Maintains performance
  • provides well-being and respiratory comfort to the animal

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