Thermo® Solutions: The Latest User Feedback

August 25, 2022
Breeder farming heat stress Thermo

Every year, Thermo® solutions of CCPA Group are used in the field or tested on new farms. This edition includes some of the feedback on these solutions during the year 2021.

Thermo®Poultry: The Advantages of the Sachet Format

ThermoPoultry heat stress product Thermo

Used at each heat peak by various French free-range chicken production organisations, Thermo®Poultry was selected for its original format of soluble powder in a single-use sachet (100 g/1000L of water). There are many reasons for this choice:

  • Reduced loads handled, required storage space and shipping costs
  • Risk-free stacking of boxes
  • Easy dosing that reduces user errors or the management of open cans
  • Possibility of sharing a box between several buildings

ThermoPlus®: A Positive Impact on Milk Production

A new trial on a large farm in Mexico showed the positive effects of ThermoPlus® over a long period of use (125 days).

The distribution of ThermoPlus® started 25 days before farrowing and continued through the first 100 days of lactation.

Effects ThermoPlus on milk production heat stress
*Observation twice a day at 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.
Over the entire period, the average THI was 76

The increase in feed intake and in the number of ruminating cows translates into better animal comfort and has a strong impact on milk production. The improvement in animal behavior such as respiratory rate, calmer and lying animals, is very visible in most farms.

ThermoControl®: Maintain Performance in Hot Weather

Pigs ThermoControl heat stress

In this French farm, the ThermoControl® solution is implemented in the lactating sow and fattening pig formulas from mid-May. It was integrated only at the end of May 2021, too late according to the breeder : “We must anticipate the first heat strokes“.

In fattening, better consumption in summer is observed with the addition of ThermoControl®. Breeding has reduced losses to around 1% even in the middle of summer. For the same duration of presence the performances are held, “Not a lot under 100 kg!» says the breeder when he was previously around 95-96 kg in August.

ThermoControl® is essential! Don’t miss it” concludes the breeder.