Thermo®Plus: maintaining the performance of dairy cows during periods of heat stress

Prim Holdstein dairy cows ThermoPlus

It was while reading the Paysan Breton that the farmers discovered Thermo®Plus, the solution for ruminants against heat stress. They had been looking for some time for a solution to support their animals in order to reduce the impact of high heat on their herd of dairy cows (drop in milk, drop in ingestion, etc.). The purchase of fans was excluded as they were more expensive in terms of investment.

Thermo®Plus: tested and approved on dairy cows

The farmers therefore decided to test the Thermo®Plus solution on their dairy farm, which consists of about 130 dairy cows. The product is added directly to the ration.

In parallel, we immediately set up the Thermo®Tool application to predict heat peaks in advance, says Hamel.

Delta ThermoPlus heat stress bag
Thermo®Plus bag

The Thermo®Tool application

Thermo®Tool is a mobile application that forecasts heat stress levels (THI) up to 5 days ahead and sends alerts to users.

As soon as the application indicates an alert, the product is added to the ration 2-3 days before the heat peaks and 2-3 days after.

You have to continue a little bit after the heat episodes to help the cows recover, says Ms Hamel.

ThermoTool application heat stress breeding
The Thermo®Tool application, the digital ally during periods of thermal stress

During the summer of 2022, SCEA Hamon Hamel distributed the Thermo®Plus solution over 4 periods:

  • From 14 to 18 June
  • From 10 to 21 July
  • From 01 to 04 August
  • From 09 to 14 August

Temperatures ranged from 28 to 38°.

Following this experience, they drew the first conclusions and concluded from their actions that they should not have stopped using the product between the last two hot periods.

Évolution de la production laitière lors de fortes chaleurs

Date Daily production (in litres)Temperature reading

The evolution of milk production over the months shows an average of 31.1L over 6 months. The results are clear. The farmers saw an immediate effect on the animals.

Overall, there has been less milk drop compared to last year and the animals are recovering faster, says Mr Hamon.

We have seen a positive effect of the product on animals:

  • Better salivation
  • More urine
  • Calmer breathing: “It pulls less on the sides!

Mr Hamon and Ms Hamel particularly appreciate the very visible effects of the product.

Breeders SCEA Hamon Hamel ThermoPlus thermal stress
The breeders of SCEA Hamon Hamel with Thermo®Plus

Improved reproduction with Thermo®Plus

Summer is a difficult time for us regarding reproduction. Reducing heat stress helps to improve reproductive performance.

Thermo®Plus: the outlook for summer 2023

We took Thermo®Plus to try it out. Following the results, we continued and will try again in 2023. We still have 2 bags from last year that we will be able to use again in 2023 because the expiry date* is good. To support the animals, it is important to anticipate periods of stress. The farm has chosen to always have 1 or 2 bags in advance. This allows us to anticipate peaks and avoid product shortages, especially at weekends.

As the SCEA Hamon Hamel is located in an area that does not suffer from heat waves, they will continue to work with the Thermo®Tool application in order to manage heat peaks on their farm.

Thermo®Tool is an indispensable tool for us, a real help. Thermo®Plus, a real support for our dairy cows.

* The shelf life of the product is 18 months, i.e. 2 seasons.

Information on dairy farming

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Heat stress in dairy cows

Heat stress in dairy cows is a concern for farmers. Cows are particularly sensitive to temperature variations and can be affected by excessive heat or cold.

Heat stress can cause health problems such as respiratory problems, reduced milk production, weight loss and reduced fertility. To prevent heat stress in dairy cows, it is important to provide a suitable environment with adequate ventilation, sufficient fresh water and a balanced diet. Farmers should also carefully monitor weather conditions and take measures to protect their cows during periods of extreme temperatures.

Are you interested in the Thermo®Plus solution for your dairy cows?