Testimonial GAEC du Baylou

Herd of goats on a goat farm

Better rearing conditions for Villefranche d’Albigeois goats, thanks to Delta® ThermoPlus®

At GAEC du Baylou (81), global warming is nothing new. Since 2017, the dairy goat farm has adapted to cope with rising temperatures:

“The goats were suffering from the heat, which is what prompted us to install misters” explains the owner.

Since then, despite irregular feed consumption and uneven distribution of animals in the building, however, the comfort of the goats has netly improved. In addition to this ventilation, the site also has a strawed area and a mat with a suspended feed distribution system.

Delta® ThermoPlus®: tested and approved

The farmer began by implementing a cure of bicarbonate and salt every 15 days on his goats. In 2018, his technical sales representative suggested that he introduce the product ThermoPlus® in the feed for his herd. The product wasdistributed to the whole herd.

Without a point of comparison, it was not easy for the farmer to precisely quantify the gain in dairy performance. Initially, a better distribution of goats in the building was observed. Concerning the ingestion of animals:

“Following a late restocking, we were forced to stop using ThermoPlus®. We immediately noticed a drop in feed intake. As soon as we put the product back on, feed intake returned to normal,” confides the farmer. The condition of the goats and the maintenance of their production depends on a good intake of the overall ration. With hindsight, the farmer admits that his goats are in better shape and that intake is maintained in summer with ThermoPlus®.

Breeding presentation

  • 700 goats of the SAANEN breed
  • Production target: 1000L of milk
  • Feed: mixed ration (silage + haylage + hay and concentrate).
  • Key annual period: February (goat calving)

Are you interested in the Delta Thermo®Plus solution for your dairy goat farm?