Effects of heat stress in broilers


Reduced performance during heat stress in broilers is attributed to a great degree to reduced feed intake aimed at decreasing their heat increment. At increasing heat stress intensity level and duration feed efficiency is progressively reduced. This is a multifactorial effect underlined by increased oxidative stress in the intestinal tract which leads to a pro-inflammatory response. Decreased gut-barrier intergrity may lead to increased passage of luminal endotoxins and in turn lead to systemic inflammation and bacterial translocation.

  • Author: Dr Panagiotis SAKKAS
  • Publication date: 18/12/2019

Author statement:

This review assesses the published scientific literature on the effects of heat stress in broilers as of the date of its writing. The findings in the literature do not necessarily reflect CCPA practices and our specialists can directly advise our customers on the most cost effective nutritional strategies based on their field experiences.

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