Feedstim® Poultry: Observe the thermal comfort of animals naturally

Supporting evidence for Feedstim® Poultry

Why use Feedstim® Poultry?

In the United States, the cost of heat stress in poultry amounts to an average of more than 140 million US dollars per year (St-Pierre et al., 2003). Managing heat stress is therefore a real economic issue for the poultry sector.

Heat stress impacts not only the welfare of the birds but also affects feed consumption and feed efficiency. Performance (ADG, feed conversion rate, rate of lay) and livestock health are impaired.

Feedstim® Poultry: How it works?

To support poultry during hot and humid season, the CCPA Group has developed Feedstim® Poultry.

By acting on the consequences of heat stress, this solution contributes to the natural defenses of poultry, especially at the level of the intestinal tract. Feedstim® Poultry thus ensure animal comfort and welfare and therefore optimizes performance.

Supporting evidence for Feedstim® Poultry

Proven efficacy in broilers

Improvement of zootechnical performance

Research station trial, Czech Republic, 2019.
Number of birds: 135 chickens (Cobb 500), 12 repetitions, performances between 28 and 35 days under heat stress conditions.

Improvement of behavioral indicators

CCPA Group Trial, Research Station, 2020.
Number of animals: 16 replicates of 5 chick- ens (Ross 308) then 4 from D 21 under ther- mal stress conditions (Temperature > 30 ° C). Difference between control and supplemen- tation with Feedstim® Poultry.

Proven efficacy in layers

CCPA Group Trial, Experimental Research Station, 2012.
Number of birds: 96 ISA Brown layers under heat stress conditions (T°C >30°C) for 4 weeks.

Did you know?

Acceleration of the rate of respiration is the principal thermoregulation mechanism in poultry. They are thus very sensitive to the ambient temperature and the level of air humidity.

The oxidative stress generated by high temperatures adversely affects the health and well-being of the birds and damages cells. The digestive tract mucus membrane may be affected and its integrity impaired, reducing nutrient digestion.

Moreover, toxins and bacteria may cross from the digestive tract to the circulation and cause systemic infections.

Composition and instructions

Active ingredients

  • Scutellaria baicalensis extract
  • Turmeric

Usage recommendations

  • Continuous feed incorporation during periods of constant or chronic heat stress
  • Start 5 days before the anticipated heat wave