Testimony of a group of Czech pig farmers

A group of sow farmers in the Czech Republic tested the Thermo®Control on more than 10,700 sows (which represents 10% of the national market). They tell us about their experience.

His testimony

“We used Thermo®Control to ensure the thermal comfort of our sows. Tested on nearly 10,700 sows during the summer, without changing the nutritional values of the feed and without taking any particular measures, results were immediately observed. We noticed an increase in feed consumption, a reduction of excess heat and an increase in overall performance. We can only recommend CCPA Group’s Thermo®Control!” 

Evaluating the effectiveness of Thermo®Control 

  • Food consumption  
  • Respiratory rate 
  • Fertility 
  • Animal tranquillity 
  • Quality of sow lactation 
  • Weaning quality 

Immediate results 

  • Improves feed intake during heat stress 
  • Visibly reduces traces of excess heat in sows 
  • A majority of farmers consider that the use of Axion® ThermoControl in summer has a positive influence on the performance of their sows