Susceptibility of dairy cows to heat stress according to the animal and climate factors



Heat stress reduces animal productivity of beef and dairy cows. Effects on beef are similar to these in other growing animals affected by heat stress (Check Panagiotis Sakkas reviews on porc and broilers). Dairy cows in particular reduce their milk yield due to reductions in ADFI as they attempt to reduce the endogenous thermal load and inability to mobilise fat reserves to support lactation. Mammary gland capacity for synthesizing protein and fat is severely affected. Somatic cells and mammary gland health, dry cow mammary gland development, offspring performance, fertility, mortality/morbidity and rumen and intestinal functioning are negatively affected.

  • Author: Dr Panagiotis SAKKAS
  • Publication date: 04/03/2020

Author statement:

This review assesses the published scientific literature provides an outlook on the animal and heat stress factors that affect responses to heat stress and some information on the utilization of THI data for the quantification of heat stress events in cows as of the date of its writing. Our specialists can directly advise our customers on the most cost effective nutritional strategies based on their field experiences.

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