Macronutrient formulation approaches in dairy cows experiencing heat stress



This review recapitulates current knowledge on macronutrient formulation in heat stressed dairy cows. Milk yield is generally improved in lower CP diets (between 15.3-16 CP %) as well as efficiency of milk production. If one decides to maintain CP high (18% CP) then RDP incorporation rate could be reduced in the range 47-61% instead of 63%+ in thermoneutral conditions. A moderated approach should be followed e.g 55%. At lower CP levels (14-16%) RDP can be reduced up to 57%. There is no investigation other that a very recent study investigating the effects of lowering CP levels below 14% therefore no definite conclusions can be drawn.

  • Author: Dr Panagiotis SAKKAS
  • Publication date: 07/10/2020

Author statement:

This review assesses the published scientific literature on the effects of macronutrient formulation in heat stressed dairy cows. The findings in the literature do not necessarily reflect CCPA practices and our specialists can directly advise our customers on the most cost effective nutritional strategies based on their field experiences.

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