CCPA Group supports the livestock sector in South America around heat stress management

November 24, 2023
Sun Latin America Thermo Heat Stress

Heat stress is present in most Latin American countries, however this year it has become a priority problem for farmers, due to how hard it has affected the productivity of animals recently.

Proven effectiveness of CCPA’s Thermo® solutions against heat stress in Latin America

Heat stress levels and impacts have to be assessed locally, like the efficiency of heat stress management solutions. CCPA Group has largely tested its natural solutions in Latin America with over 13 trials. In broilers and breeders, Feedstim® Poultry has been tested in Brazil, Argentina, and Panama. Likewise, Thermo®Control benefits on pigs under heat stress has been validated in Mexico and Costa Rica.

Recently, a study done with the UABC Research Station in Mexico demonstrated the product’s natural ingredients beneficial effect on the pigs’ body temperature and their performance and comfort. In ruminants, Thermo®Plus has been proven effective in trials in Brazil and Mexico both in dairy cows and beef cattle. In 2023, at the EAAP congress in Lyon, Volcani Center showed a significant effect of Thermoplus in Israel on high-producing cows. Intake was improved by 2.3kg and milk production by 4.7kg in corrected milk, while welfare parameters (lying animals, % of animals ruminating, body temperament) were significantly improved.

CCPA team EAAP 2023
Thermo®Plus results acknowledged at EAAP Congress in 2023.

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Raising awareness in Panama: CCPA explores the management of heat stress in broiler chickens

In October 2023, Interagro organized a seminar for poultry professionals in Panama around heat stress management. The program presented a 360° view of the tools to address this problem, ranging from physiology, controlled environment, breeders and fertility. Ramón Álvarez Zapata, CCPA Group local technical poultry manager, had the chance to talk about “Physiology of heat stress in broilers and its management” through the use of phytosolutions such as Feedstim® Poultry.

Ramon Alvarez Zapata presents results about Thermo products
Ramón Álvarez Zapata discussed our solutions during Interagro seminar.

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Thermo®Plus recent developments in South America

CCPA Group has been present for few years in Brazil with its local subsidiary: CCPA Brazil. Following the work to develop the Ruminant product line in Brazil, our teams had the opportunity to visit customers in the state of Santa Catarina and the state of Minas Gerais. Two regions with large imports for dairy production in the country. Thermo®Plus has been at the heart of discussions with customers. In fact, the region records THI above 71, the heat stress risk threshold, for more than 95% of the days during the hot season. Furthermore, Thermo®Plus is now available in Uruguay to preserve ruminants’ performance and comfort in the presence of heat stress.

CCPA Team in Latin America for Thermo
Our local team visiting customers in Brazil

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